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The native stingless bee hive averages 1kg of honey per hive, per year.

The flavour of this raw & organic honey is sweet, but unlike normal honey.

It is best described as a 'lemony' toffee flavour and somewhat tangy.

The medicinal properties of this honey is yet to be fully researched, however it comes as no surprise that the Indigenous Australian people used this honey for its antibacterial properties many years ago. The sugarbag (honey) was considered as a prized possession of the Indigenous people and it was used for trade and for gifts.

Once you receive one of my hives, it will offer you honey from as little as three months. I will always include all necessary information for the care of your hive.

Stingless Bees Raw Organic HoneyHONEY, FROM ME TO YOU

My Native Stingless Bee farm will be producing honey for sale in the future. I look forward to sharing this with you – WATCH THIS SPACE


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"Since 2001, I have provided a bee rescuing service from New South Wales to Queensland. I have held myriad seminars on bee education and currently supply hives to back yard gardeners and commercial farms. I provide two honey producing species of Australian stingless bees in my unique round hives."
- William Archer

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